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Optifog Lenses


Optifog Lenses 

Research reveals that 78% of spectacle wearers find fogged lenses an annoyance when moving between indoor and outdoor temperatures and 52% are annoyed by lenses steaming-up when cooking.

You no longer need to suffer the inconvenience, embarrassment or danger of fogged-up glasses.

Optifog is a new technology developed by Essilor researchers. It makes optical lenses super water-attracting (hydrophilic) and is appropriate for single vision, varifocal and sun-lenses. A world leader in the design of optical lenses, Essilor is the first to market with this permanent coating system. Clean your Optifog lenses daily with the Smart Textile and washing them with water every two weeks. Stay fog free whatever the conditions, and get daily defense against UV to protect the long-term health of your eyes.

The Optifog® lens has unique, hydrophilic top layers with inherent fog repellent properties. The anti-fog top layers placed on the Optifog lens are activated with the Optifog Activator Cloth. The Optifog Activator Cloth has the power to ACTIVATE and CLEAN the lens at the same time. Just use the Optifog Activator Cloth whenever you clean your lenses. Together they provide fog-free vision by spreading fog into a uniform, invisible layer of water on the lens surface.

With 37 million people in the UK needing vision correction, foggy spectacles are a widespread problem. Cyclists, runners, team and racquet sports players alike are affected. But this could change for good thanks to this anti-fog technology, which prevents glasses from steaming up. When condensation forms, Optifog creates a thin, invisible film rather than fogging the lens. It is effective even when jogging or cycling on a frosty morning.

Neither heat nor cold nor humid conditions will ever cause fog to form on Optifog® lenses!

The exclusive anti-reflective technology is also applied to both sides of the lens, protecting your eyes from direct and reflected UV light.

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