We fully understand the challenges that can exist with visual stress. Through his own personal challenges, Principal Optometrist, Noel McCrystal, embarked on a journey of helping individuals with visual strain.

Having worked initially with ‘Chromagen’, a patented system of colour treatment, as well as acquiring an ‘Intuitive Colorimeter’ machine to open up all the possibilities of further colour permutations, we still observed a gap in treatment methods. Following further research, Noel completed a Diploma in ‘Schoolvision’, which investigates the muscular anomalies that exist both inside and around the outside of the eyeball, in an accurate process aimed exclusively at stabilising the dominant eye. In adopting this Programme, in conjunction with previous knowledge, the Practice has seen substantial improvements in a lot of patients.

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The symptoms of visual stress generally include some or all of the following:

Movement or ‘shimmering’ of the printed textLetter/word reversals
‘Losing position’ on the pageBlurring of text
Headaches or visual discomfort‘Patterns’ in the print (e.g. swirling, fading, rivers)
Tiring easily whilst readingLetters changing size or shape

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You may notice all or some of the following when your child is reading:

  • Slowness or difficulty in reading print
  • The reader moving closer or further away
from the page
  • Becoming restless quickly
  • Skipping words or lines
  • Rubbing of eyes and blinking excessively
  • Low self-esteem