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SchoolVision Customer Feedback

“Charlie’s reading speed has doubled since starting the Schoolvision programme. He now instigates reading and is engaged in the story. Reading has become a pleasure. His vocabulary has increased, he participates in class and his confidence has soared. This programme is helping Charlie to see and fulfil his potential.”

Sandra, mother of Charlie (7), Armagh

“Schoolvision programme has helped my child immensely – She had difficulty reading and didn’t want to read (crying, tired eyes etc.), we knew something was wrong. We heard about Schoolvision and from day 1 of her wearing her glasses we noticed a change. She felt more confident when reading, her self-esteem improved and her schoolwork improved. We have a happy child who enjoys reading and doesn’t feel different anymore.”

Siobhan, Mother of Eimear (7) Newtownbutler. 

My 8 year old Grandson, Matthew is now approximately 12 weeks into the ‘Schoolvision’ programme. We have all noticed a marked improvement in his ability to read and his attitude to reading. He has developed a much more positive ‘can do’ approach where reading is concerned. He is now demonstrating a desire to ‘read for pleasure’ and reads at least a chapter a day. He now enjoys reading whereas before it was impossible to get him interested in books. His self-esteem has increased. When he gets home from school he is not as tired as he used to be and seems to have a much better understanding of how to do his homework.

His sight has definitely improved. He is forever pointing out and reading ‘public print’ – even menus in restaurants! He also spends time on his ipad ‘reading’ information about stuff like football players etc. I get at least a couple of text messages from him every day. These are all things Matthew would never have done before he started the ‘Schoolvision’ programme.

Patricia, Grandmother of Matthew (8), Lisburn

“After 9 months on the programme, my daughter has read 2 novels over the Christmas holidays. This would never have happened before ‘Schoolvision’.”

Toni, mother of Sarah (10), Omagh.

“Claudia feels that she finds it easier to concentrate on school work and enjoys reading much more. As an observing parent it has proved an encouraging experience to witness my daughter’s improved reading accuracy and increased general confidence as well as her ability to enjoy her studies.”

Trudi, mother of Claudia (12), Dungannon

“We have seen a big improvement after 6 months on the programme, our daughter’s reading speed is greatly improved and she reads with much more confidence than before. Homework is finished much quicker.”

Michelle, mother of Celine (10), Enniskillen

The difference in my son is fantastic. We have seen a massive improvement in his ability with homework and he no longer gets headaches.

Sonia, mother of Zac (8), Aughnacloy.

“I’m wearing my reading glasses a lot, I find it much easier to read and concentrate. I can understand the content of what I am reading much better than before.”

Maeve (18), Armagh.

“Overall, we are very happy with Eimear’s progress; she is much more positive in her approach/attitude to reading and no longer shys away from reading tasks!  The staff are very helpful and take time to ensure we are happy with all elements of the Schools Vision programme, and Eimear’s teachers have also commented on her reading improvement in class!”

Jason, Father of Eimear (7) Co.Fermanagh.

“We have been involved in the Schoolvision programme for 6 months now. Our daughter had been experiencing some visual problems which had become more evident in the last few years as she progressed through primary school, but ordinary routine eye tests had failed to pick up the underlying cause of these problems.

It was a relief to read about the Schoolvision programme and then to get a specialised eye test for her. She has benefitted greatly from the Schoolvision programme. From the first moment she put the tinted glasses on there was a relief that came over her.

Her teacher at school has noticed an improvement in her maths and English work and has also noticed an increase in confidence. It is fantastic that there is a programme which she is truly benefitting from.”

Danielle, Mother of Grace (10) Markethill.

“Scott’s reading has come on, both in speed and getting the words correct. His handwriting has improved. His concentration has improved slightly. My only problem at the minute is getting Scott to wear the glasses at home. I have told his teacher he needs to wear them in class, so I know he wears them all day except for playtime.”

Julie, Mother of Scott (10) Castlerock.

“Darina started her treatment 12 weeks ago. Her well-being has changed and improved so much since that day. She couldn’t read because it was very difficult to follow the lines in a book. She complained a lot of being tired. She spent a lot of time on writing because it was very difficult for her to cope or concentrate to finish her work. All that is completely in the past. She is eager to learn, read and to write. She loves her glasses and once said “I need them because with them I can see”. She doesn’t complain about being tired and her self-confidence has been boosted. She is so happy she can do the things she couldn’t do before.”

Brenda, Mother of Darina (8) Dungannon