Your child’s eyesight is precious. Here at McCrystal Opticians, we specialise and pride ourselves on the precise tailored fitting of kids frames.

Your child’s eyesight is precious.

At McCrystal Opticians, children are made to feel welcome with a wonderful choice of frames.  We often need to modify or add to existing frames to get that perfect fit, particularly for those with abnormal facial symmetry or facial trauma.  We also stock ‘Erin’s World’ frames which provide a custom fit for individuals with Down syndrome. We want to make choosing children’s glasses a fun and engaging experience and have a great range of frames for boys and girls.

There are some important considerations when deciding on the right frame for children.

  • Non-metal parts and hinge free construction reduce the risk of facial and eye trauma, great for babies, toddlers and all sports activities. Materials are light, flexible and malleable make it possible to optimise the adjustment of the frames to the child’s face.
The Perfect Product
  • We have gone beyond the UK in the search of the perfect optical product for children. We have approached companies from across Europe specifically, and now import premium products from Italy and France.
  • We often recommend a head band as kids are always energetic and running around, or playing sports. We offer a range of frames with adjustable elastic headbands that keep the frame snug and centred. Sometimes we even make our own for the best fit.
Size and shape
  • The nose bridge is extremely flat in children so the frame rests quite low down and the child ends up looking over the top of the specs. A child’s bridge develops from birth therefore it is almost impossible to adequately fit a ‘scaled down’ version of an adults frame. We search for frames with a bridge anatomically designed to distribute the lens and frame weight over a larger surface area increasing comfort and to maintain proper optical centration.