Being aware of the harmful effects of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays are vital, but knowing which lens colour to pick for your Occupation or Sport is also a must.

One of the most important are the ‘Smoky grey and green’ tints, which are light enough not to impair vision, yet dark enough to provide overall protection from glare. These are superb for very bright days e.g.Water sports, beach wear, skiing and fishing (particularly with a polarising filter).

With ‘Dark amber and brown’ lens tints, they are really good at blocking out blue wave lengths, which are particularly common on a cloudy day. These will have the effect of improving contrast and depth perception where distances need to be accurately judged such as golf or tennis. This type of lens is best suited to our own changeable climate.

A popular choice is the ‘Rose’ coloured lens (sometimes called jellyfish red) which gives really high contrast and are very comforting to the eyes. They are superb for ‘road visibility’ and tend to be ‘soothing’ on long journeys reducing eyestrain and glare.

‘Yellow’ is a high intensity tint which is really good for shooters and cyclists alike. It delivers maximum performance, particularly in low light conditions, reduces glare and preserves sharpness and contrast.

It is so important to get a pair of sunglasses to suit your particular face shape and colouration, but also tie in the particular lens shade to suit your individual needs.

Noel McCrystal

BSc.(Hons.)MCOptom.Dip.Sc.V MASv.P

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