Sunglasses Collection 2016

Police sunglasses

Sunglasses just in for Spring/Summer 2016

Our 2016 sunglasses offering for 2016 has just arrived today.  We have a fabulous selection across several designer brands including:


Imitating the mirrored sunglasses often worn by United States police officers in the 80’s and 90’s, Police sunglasses have a very modern metropolitan appeal.  In addition to several unique unisex models, Police sunglasses offer fashionable sunglasses with styles made famous by celebrities like George Clooney and David Beckham.


Carolina Herrera’s fashions have been renowned world-wide for their cutting edge styles and feminine approach to high fashion. This feminine flair is clearly present in the Carolina Herrera eyewear collection.

CH Carolina Herrera presents the 2016 sunglasses collection. As an extension of the accessories collection, the season’s style explores with bold colours on sleek silhouettes adding an extra twist to the signature monogram. These styles feature modern silhouettes and vibrant hues, all artfully designed to emphasise details such as the decorative house logo


Brand innovation, meticulous design and highly perceived value give Fiorelli the competitive edge. Fiorelli always have a fashion twist but remain focused on being commercial and usable. Fiorelli have a global ambition and are determined to be the best. They are passionate about pushing the boundaries by continually reinventing and moving the brand forward.

Fiorelli Sunglasses are an iconic brand that specializes in delivering accessories that make a simple yet extremely bold statement that is sure to make a lasting impression. They are synonymous with fresh, sexy and appealing designs. For a classy and chic styling look no further than Fiorelli.

Fiorelli’s eyewear collection boasts a pursuit of runway-worthy styles, accented with meticulous design, splashes of colour and intricate details. Whatever your look may be, Fiorelli definitely has something for everyone.


Trussardi was launched more than a century ago in Italy in 1911 by Dante Trussardi, starting out a company that made luxury gloves. Dante’s grandson, Nicola, successfully diversified the company in the 1960’s with a range of clothing and luxury accessories.

The brand prides itself with its attention to detail, controlled elegance, allure and discreet sophistication.


The Cocoa Mint brand, by British eyewear designers Eye Space, has managed to cleverly close the gap between the eyewear expectations of today’s younger ‘on trend’ generation and the demands of the more sophisticated wearer. Their new range of beautifully balanced designs encapsulate the very essence of high quality stylish eyewear.


It was at the end of the 19th century, in the heart of the Jura Mountains that Cébé was born. Established by Jean-Louis Crestin-Billet in Morez, the cradle of French glasses making, the brand with its “hardened” temperament was a pioneer in the manufacture of sports glasses. From the very beginning the brand was worn by many climbers on expedition, and in partnership with them Cébé created products specifically adapted to the most extreme weather conditions! Some of the most famous names have forever left their imprint on the history of the brand, Carl Benz for example, the founder of Mercedes Benz, who ordered made to measure driving glasses from Cébé, for both himself and his dog, at a time when the windscreen had not yet been invented!

Today Cébé works both technically and stylishly alongside all sportsmen and women looking for pure adrenalin experiences. For all those who love ancestral know-how and the authenticity of the great outdoors, the brand is also essential to all those who love strong sensations. The fact that the brand is so successful is also due to its mindset: it resolutely sets its face to the future; Cébé is constantly looking for new horizons to conquer!