Prodesign at McCrystal Opticians


For more than 40 years ProDesign has created beautiful eyewear with a clean-cut Scandinavian feel. Drawing on their Danish heritage they design innovative eyewear with a close-knit relationship between functionality and visual expression.


The core collection, inspired by Danish design classics and with an eye for timeless good looks. Every shape fits beautifully and has playful twists of colour.

This season colours have been dialled up to follow the trend in apparels and give a fresh touch to the classic designs. Furthermore, exploring both contrasts and tone-in-tone effects creating beautiful eyewear, that will stay in style.


A collection of technical and sporty design developed with flawless precision and fine craftsmanship, hallmarked by specially designed hinges.

This season introduces a true Axiom project with exploration of ways to combine materials without using screws or adhesion. The colour palette consists of both classic colours like dark green, blue and brown as well as vivid colours like aqua, orange-red and crystal.


This collection is an edgy interpretation of hip and innovative design picking up on urban trends. The collection highlights genuine materials, strips down layers of details and honours simplicity.

This season introduces a new acetate concept with clean lines and elegant simplicity. To keep in line with the overall theme of the season adding radiant colours and letting them do the talking.


The elegant collection is inspired by curves and timeless jewellery design. Every design has fine detailing and rich colours, made to frame the beauty of the eyes.

This season introduces beautiful new concepts as well as further expanding on one of the most popular concepts. The colour palette is inspired by the magnificent colours of gemstones as well as true metal colours turning the frames into pieces of jewellery.