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Do you struggle with night time driving?


As we average about 10 hours a week driving, its important to feel confident on the road whatever the time may be.

We have introduced a new lens from Essilor that can help reduce reflections and glare at night.

As we are exposed to multiple and intense sources of light that create reflections and glare, our vision is not yet equipped to deal with such issues.

Road pilot is new lens from Essilor. When wearing Essilor Road Pilot it is apparent that details look sharper in every direction. Peripheral aberrations, often found on high powered standard single vision lenses, are a thing of the past thanks to High Resolution vision over the entire surface of the lens. Essilor Road Pilot wearers will gain a better perception of detailed objects that are around them. Textures and visual details will be clearer and colour perception stronger. This improves the wearer’s ability to react to changes on the road and see in lower light conditions. With the all new Crizal Drive coating exclusively applied to Essilor Road Pilot, it means wearers experience 90% less reflections from on-coming light and other light sources found when driving.

Essilor Road Pilot is highly recommended for single vision wearers with a lifestyle which includes frequent driving.

Varilux Road Pilot

Essilor Road Pilot is also available in Varilux form. This will allow the wearer to have a sharper and much needed distance and intermediate zone. Ideal for full time varifocal wearers to avail of this premium anti reflective coating.