Computers and your eyes

Computers and your eyes

When you work in an office your eyesight can be vital for your job. If you spend all day using a computer you may benefit from specs that are specifically set to focus on the screen. Looking after your vision at work isn’t just about having the right specs. Everyone is different in height and posture, so the first thing to do is work out whether your screen is positioned correctly for you. You also need to consider whether you get glare from lights or window reflections on your screen, putting strain on your eyes. Working at a computer, you should take regular breaks. Prolonged use can lead to staring and potentially dry eyes as a result of insufficient blinking.

If you have not had an eye test in the last couple of years and you work in an office, do book an appointment. Explain to the optometrist about the sort of work you do and they can offer you advice, and help you discover whether specs can help you.

Talk to a registered dispensing optician when it comes to choosing specs for work. Some lenses are better than others for computer use and the optician can advise. Remember to ask about anti-reflection coatings as these can help to cut glare.

Can I wear contact lenses if I use a computer all day?

Working at the computer is no barrier to wearing contact lenses for most people. Your blink rate can drop if you are concentrating on a screen, which can cause issues if you are prone to dry eye. Remember to take regular breaks from the screen. There are moistening eye drops specially made for contact lens wearers which can help, and contact lenses in different material may improve comfort for some people.