Visual Stress


Schoolvision and Visual Stress

Visual Stress is a broad term, generally describing a type of learning difficulty that primarily affects the skills involved in the reading and spelling of words. The symptoms of visual stress include blurred print, rapid tiring, movement or ‘shimmering’ of the print when reading, headache, visual discomfort and/or red, sore, watering eyes.

The ‘Schoolvision’ concept does indeed use colour as a basis, but also involves a deeper understanding of the anomalies of physical muscles inside the eye (the focussing muscles) and the muscles outside the eye (the muscles that control eye movement) and correcting them accordingly, in this whole process aimed at stabilising the dominant eye.

‘Schoolvision’ has the potential to make a positive impact on those children who are struggling at school due to vision-associated learning difficulties. Not only are we seeing children making fantastic progress with their school work, but it has also in some cases, improved co-ordination, balance, and most importantly, confidence.  See more…