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Optical eyewear solutions for Down Syndrome

We offer innovative solutions for children with Downs Syndrome as well as adults who experience difficulty in wearing spectacles that do not fit due to a low bridge.

So, if you are a parent who also has difficult times with your child or yourself have problems with getting a good fit with your low bridge, contact us to help you resolve your issue promptly.

We have solutions for the following groups:

  • Children have small noses as they are still developing-they can have a low and flat bridge. In addition a shorter fitting distance from their eyes to their ears and longer eyelashes can mean that providing comfortable eyewear for children can be challenging.
  • People who have typically small noses with a low bridge & high cheek bones as seen in people from China.This can mean their spectacles rest on their cheekbones,leaving marks on the nose and cheekbones.
  • People from Africa can have a broad and flat nose and wider temples- this means the frames slip and sides bow out, hence the spectacles slip down meaning, they are not looking through the centre of the lens – common issue of any one with a low bridge.
  • People with Down syndrome as their unique facial features mean that getting a perfect fit on their petite nose is difficult but our features listed below made the difference.


Features and Benefits:

  • Lowered bridge so that the frame will sit higher in a properly centred position which means better vision.
  • Custom design for shorter temple lengths in order to make sure that it fits better.
  • Frame created with extra wide front so ensuring a more comfortable fit for kids and adults.
  • Made from memory flex and titanium to create perfect durability for the frame.
  • Hundred eighty degree springs out flat-folding joints to ensure that the frame takes life’s little knocks better.
  • Frames with adjustable nose arms and nose pads can be adjusted to each individuals’ requirement.