The variety of sports in our daily lives requires us to be mindful and specific as to the types of eyewear required for each sport type. We need to be protective towards wind, debris, insects, dust and UV rays – vital for most active outdoor activities. Sport Specific Specs are the ideal answer.

For ‘Running and Cycling’, we tend to use swept back aerodynamic styling and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses. The spectacles need to have the capability of interchangeable lenses and be prescription compatible.

For ‘Speed sports’ such as ‘skiing’, ‘snowboarding’ or ‘mountain biking’, the frames are aerodynamically similar apart from extra padding to cushion impact from airborne objects and falling over.

For ‘Golf and Cricket’, the sports specs must be light weight (virtually rimless), comfortable and allow for maximum field of view (large surface area) without interfering with your swing/bat. Interchangeable lenses here are also necessary, using Smokey lenses for bright sunlight and yellow (or even clear) for low light dull conditions. The need for high impact polycarbonate again here is obvious as the balls are hard and run at high speed.

For ‘Water sports and fishing’, we need to think of great UV protection since an additional 20% of the rays are reflected from the water. Also polarised lenses which are vital to remove the surface glare from the water with a hydrophobic coat (water repellent) are necessary.

Most people gravitate towards some interest or sport, so get the right eyewear from your optician and develop your interest further.

Noel McCrystal

BSc.(Hons.)MCOptom.Dip.Sc.V MASv.P

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