Optician Dyslexia


Optician, Dyslexia:

For children with dyslexia or visual stress, the classroom can bring new challenges, especially when reading, writing and comprehension difficulties are an issue. There is no cure at present for dyslexia, but there is good news. Ground-breaking new visual interventions can significantly improve symptoms and help children reach their full potential. For professional advice, you can turn to award-winning Optometrist, Noel McCrystal from Dungannon, one of Northern Ireland’s leading specialists in visual treatments for dyslexia and ASD.

What might a child with dyslexia see?

Dyslexia primarily affects the visual skills involved in reading and spelling; word movement or distortion is often a key problem. Words can swirl, reverse, bleach out or shimmer on the page, causing eyestrain, headaches, migraine, fatigue and poor depth perception. This exacerbates reading, writing and comprehension difficulties and often lowers a child’s self- esteem. The eye develops critical brain connections in the first eight years of life. Research shows that 80% of all learning is obtained through the eyes during this formative period. Sometimes children with undiagnosed eye problems are mistakenly put into special needs classes which can further delay their learning, as they do not have an intellectual difficulty. Early eye tests by a qualified specialist optician are crucial. For more information…