Glasses for Dyslexia?

dyslexia glasses

Dyslexia & Schoolvision

Special glasses can help individuals with Dyslexia and ‘visual stress’ (shimmering, blurring and movement of print, headaches and eyestrain etc.).  Many vision defects are quite symptomatic but others remain undetected until a routine eye exam. Our experience has shown that certain conditions are not always detected in the school’s sight screening process.

More recently we have seen a rise in the number of adults and children with Dyslexia in our own practice and are finding significant results in approximately 80-90% of these clients.  In addressing Dyslexia, we effectively use a programme called ‘Schoolvision’ which accurately identifies the muscular strains that exist both inside and in the muscles around the outside of the eyeball structure – and there subsequent correction, along with a very subtle colour addition to calm ones spectral sensitivity. See more…