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New Specialist Equipment in Dungannon to Manage the Visual Symptoms of Dyslexia

McCrystal Opticians have recently installed a unique diagnostic machine called the Intuitive Colorimeter in their practice.  The colorimeter will help children and adults who have reading difficulties such as ‘movement’ and blurring of the print on the page or computer screen.  This in turn will alleviate ‘Visual Stress’ and prevent them getting headaches, eyestrain, frustration and low self-esteem.
Mr McCrystal, Optometrist, who himself experienced the whole difficulty of ‘Visual Stress’, knows first-hand the impact this can have on childhood and how challenging school life and study can be, as one had to learn to live with the condition.
Noel said “Once I learned through spectacle wear that the symptoms of ‘Visual Stress’ could be improved and I experienced this for myself, I was committed to making sure that this type of help be brought to the local people of Mid-Ulster for the first time.”
The procedure, which is perfectly painless, works by showing the individual printed text under different shades and colours of light. This in turn finds the very specific tint that makes the print most comfortable and relaxing to read. 

This colour result, in conjunction with specialised computer software, is then made into tailored spectacles for that person.  Approximately 14-18% of the population show varying degrees of ‘Visual Stress’, of which about half find the introduction of colour helpful.
Noel concluded by saying “It’s something so close to my heart that I wanted parents and adults to know that there is no need for some to live and cope with this condition anymore.  I know this will change the lives of many children with dyslexia and give them the confidence to read and learn more, like everyone else in the class”. 
More information on the topic can be found on www.ceriumvistech.co.uk

McCrystal Opticians can be contacted for a specialist assessment on: 028 87 722379 or book online at: www.mccrystalopticians.com
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