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Hugely successful Dyslexia Management Day at McCrystals Opticians

McCrystal Opticians recently held a dyslexia management clinic at their practice, where individuals were successfully assessed to see if their visual symptoms of poor reading and spelling could be improved to give clearer text, ease and speed of reading and better word and number recognition. Dyslexia affects about one in eight of the population.

The main symptoms are moving and jumbling of letters and words, “shimmering” on the page and patterns being formed by the spaces between the words and lines which completely confuse reading. Noel McCrystal, Optometrist, said “The clinic works by introducing coloured lenses in front of the individuals eye to slow down, by differing amounts, the visual information from the eye to the brain, enabling the client to see the print and give their brain time to process the visual information.”

The overall results on the day were very promising where over half of those tested got coloured lenses in their spectacles – purely for homework, reading and writing. Mr McCrystal goes on to say “The tests are completely painless, where the coloured lenses are inserted into the standard testing trial frame. The person reads some print with and without the glasses and any improvements noted such as increase in speed of reading and a reduction in distortion.” This specific type of coloured lens system is also being used to help those with colour vision deficiency - opening up extra job possibilities, for example, electrician, pilot etc.

As well as helping with dyspraxia (clumsiness) and even migraine sufferers. Mr McCrystal concluded in saying that “A lot of adults today didn’t realise they were dyslexic, which has led to certain self-confidence issues, until in recent years when it was recognised and talked about – but thankfully help is at hand now.” More information on the topic can be found on www.dyslexic-help.co.uk McCrystal Opticians can be contacted for a Specialist Assessment on: 028 87 722379 or book online at: www.mccrystalopticians.com

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