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Your child’s eyesight is precious. Here at McCrystal Opticians, children are made to feel welcome with a wonderful choice of frames. We want to make choosing children's glasses a fun and engaging experience and have a great range of frames for boys and girls, including Spiderman, Bratz, Barbie & Star Wars.

The great thing to remember is that eye examinations are completely painless!  It is recommended that children should have an eye examination at least by the age of three, or earlier if you think may be a problem.
Several recent studies have suggested that as many as 80% of dyslexic children have unresolved eye problems contributing to their reading and spelling difficulties - even though they may see well and pass simple vision screening tests such as those carried out in schools.

The NHS provides free eye tests and a contribution towards the cost of glasses for children under the age of 16.  A range of completely FREE frames are available also.

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